Crossroads Mission Care 

Gil & Patti Carter 

have been in the mission field for almost 20 years in Asia, Europe & the United States. Both have master's degrees, Patti in counseling and Gil in education. Having seen the tremendous attrition rate among missionaries in the field, they formed Crossroads Mission care to get missionaries what they need to stay in the field. This includes emotional, prayer, and logistical support.

The Crossroads mission has expanded over the past two years and now includes programs for pastors, military families, and first responders. We serve all who serve.

About Crossroads Mission Care

How we serve those who serve:​

  • Connect individuals, families, & churches with our clients
  • Develop support networks for first responders, missionaries, military members, and pastors in the field or preparing to enter it
  • ​Consulting with church mission committees & mission sending organizations to improve their member care
  • Networking with retreat centers for low/no cost ministry, respite, and furlough housing
  • Seeking out individuals, families, organizations, or churches willing to host or house missionaries on respite, R&R, fundraising, or furloughs
  • Developing resourcing pipelines to supply servant missions with what they need to stay and thrive in the field 
  • Counsel & coach our clients before they enter the field while they are in the field, crisis intervention, and post-field reintegration classes/curriculum